How can we build authentic community?
Culture, Religion, and Race

Learning How Beliefs About Race Can Define Any Community

MLK Breakfast-- January 15, 2018

St. Peter's United Church hosted the first Stillwater location for the Annual MLK Breakfast. 

Building Community Event | February 22, 2018

Culture, Religion, and Race
Trinity Lutheran Church 6:00-8:45 PM
beginning with Community Supper

Through group and interactive exercises, this session will explore how race influences our worldviews, conscious and unconscious communication through history, legacy, and socialization.

Led by Okogyeamon (Herbert Perkins, Ph.D., MDiv., who received the name Okogyeamon during a naming ceremony in Ghana in 1998; it means “He who saves a village.”) Okogyeamon is the co-founder of ASDIC Metamorphosis (Antiracism Study Dialogue Circles) an esteemed antiracism workshop provider.

This presentation will kick off a series of experiential learning opportunities that will be offered at four local churches that will include a community book read, movies, field trips, dinners, presentations, and more.

Trinity Lutheran Church

115 4th St N

Stillwater, MN 55082